Vedic Herbs

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Akarkara Root Powder

Akarkara Root Powder (Anacyclus Pyrethrum) 100gmsCountry of Origin: India..


Amla Powder

Amla Powder (Phyllanthus Emblica) 100gmsCountry of Origin: India..


Apple Cider Vinegar Powder

Apple Cider Vinegar Powder 100gmsPARTS USED: FRUIT POWDERNON-GMODescription: A composition made from..


Arjuna Terminalia Bark Powder

Arjuna Terminalia Bark Powder  100gmsARJUNA TERMINALIA BARK POWDERBOTANICAL NAME: Arjuna termin..


Ashoka Tree Bark Powder

Ashoka Tree Bark Powder 100gmsASHOKA TREE BARK POWDERBOTANICAL NAME: Saraca indica..


Bijasar (Malabar Kino) Powder

Bijasar (Malabar Kino) Powder 100gmsBIJASAR (BIJASAL) MALABAR KINO POWDERBOTANICAL NAME: Pterocarpus..


Chitrak Mool Powder

Chitrak Mool Powder (Plumbago Rosea) 100gmsCOUNTRY OF ORIGIN: INDIA ..


Cinnamon Ground - 100gms

Cinnamon is the brownish-reddish inner bark of the cinnamon tree, which when dried, rolls into a tub..


Dandelion Root Powder

Dandelion Root Powder 100gmsDANDELION ROOT POWDERBOTANICAL NAME: Taraxacum officinale, Radix taraxac..


Dhamasa Herb Powder

Dhamasa Herb Powder (Fagonia Arabica) 100gmsOrigin: Product of India..


Fenugreek Ground - 100gms

Used for both its leaves and its seeds (both whole and ground), fenugreek, also known as methi and s..


Ginger Ground - 100gms

Aromatic, pungent and spicy, ginger adds a special flavor and zest to Asian stir fries and many frui..